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Using Self Tanner While Pregnant Is Safe or Not?

The sun tanning can change the skin tone or the skin color which is being affected by the ultra violet rays passed from the sun. Some of the people use chemical products to remove their tanning without an exposure to the sunlight and this type of tanning is called as sunless tanning. Less exposure to the sunlight will increase the process of melanin and vitamin D in the body, but the excess exposure to the ultra violet rays cause damage to the body.

Melanin is a pigment which is produced by the cells naturally and this process is known as melanogenesis. This pigment protects the body by absorbing the ultra violet radiation from the sun and makes the skin healthier. There are main two mechanisms which are being involved in the tan by the exposure of UV rays. A person’s skin color affects the reaction to the sun in a different ways. Dark colored skin will have one type of pigmentation and the light colored skin have a different pigmentation compared to that.

Using Self Tanner While Pregnant Is Safe or Not?

Is tanning safe during pregnancy?

The UV radiation exposure during the pregnancy is mainly will break down the folic acid. Folic acid is the main body block which helps to boost up the baby inside the womb. So doing tanning may cause damage to that folic acid. Self tanning lotions are considered safe during the pregnancy period. The chemical in the self tanning products does not affect the inner layer of the skin and this won’t go directly into the womb and affect the baby.

Dihydroxyacetone is also shortly known as DHA is the main chemical which is being used in the self tanning products and this will stay only at the first layer of the skin and does not actually absorb the way that it could reach your baby. But before using the self tanning lotions during pregnancy, it is better to get consulted with the doctor whether it is safe or not to use. Pregnant woman might not be avoid all types of the radiation exposure like somehow or other they will be exposed to some amount of radiation and ultra sounds. Than to get out for a tanning process during pregnancy, it is safe self tanners for pregnancy.

Is it safe to self tan during pregnancy?

It is generally considered as safe process to do self tan during pregnancy than the other type of sun tans. But for self tanning process, you should use creams and lotions and should avoid using sprays because while spraying, you may inhale the spray through mouth or nose and that may affect the child in the womb. So avoiding the spray tans is advisable during pregnancy as it is harmful.

Generally, the DHA containing self tanners are considered as the non toxic substance which reacts only with the outermost layer of the skin and produces a brown pigment called melanoidin. Even though self tanning does not affect your baby, there is a high risk that you might have allergic reaction to your skin.  This allergic reaction causes because of the hormonal change you go through during pregnancy. So if you self tan during pregnancy, first test the cream or lotion on a small area in your body. If this does not give any allergic sense then you can go with it or you should stop using the lotion.

There are creams and lotions available for self tanning during pregnancy and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Avene hydrating self tanner for face and body
  • Self tanning, herbal radiant face cream by Dior
  • Clarin’s smooth and instant self tanner
  • Xen – Tan ultra Luxe sunless tanning cream

Avene hydrating self tanner for face and body

This lotion is a great one for the fair skinned person as its tanning effect will be slow and subtle. Three or four days of continuous application of this lotion gives you some effect of glowing skin. Also the milk which is present in this lotion gives a moisturizing and a soft look for the sensitive skin.

Using Self Tanner While Pregnant Is Safe or Not?

Self tanning, herbal radiant face cream by Dior

This texture of the gel feels good when it is being applied. It gives a natural glow and look, and it does not possess any hardness to the skin. This is considered as the best self tanning lotion because it is prescribed to the pregnant woman by the doctors mostly.

Clarin’s smooth and instant self tanner

This tanning agent is a light and silky one and has a very good moisturizing texture when compared to the other creams. For a fair skin, it is enough to mix a small amount of this lotion with the daily using cream to get a good tanned skin. This is suggested to use during pregnancy so that this lotion does not harm both the mother and the baby. A few days of continuous application of this lotion will give you a good glowing skin with the gorgeous look. This lotion is suggested to the pregnant woman as it does not have any side effects.

Xen – Tan ultra Luxe sunless tanning cream

This offers a tinted cream, which helps to spread all over the skin and protect it from the ultra violet rays which directly affect skin. This product is extremely thick in its texture when it is being compared with the other lotion and is considered as the safe self tanners for pregnancy. This lotion will be best dark skin, as it makes sure a proper tan within the hours, when it is being applied on the skin. As this is a thick lotion, the rays cannot enter the skin so fast, and it will guard the skin even when the rays are high. That is the main reason this lotion is advisable for the pregnant woman to use during their pregnancy. Choose healthful foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains that carry lots of various vitamins and minerals that are necessary during pregnancy.