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Adding Lotion to Your Beard is a Bad Idea

I have put lotion on my beard once and it was a bad idea. I didn’t notice it at first. Then, it happened to cause me to have dandruff on my beard. I thought it was just white dust at first. Until, I looked in the mirror one day and saw white mucus get bigger. Its funny how it started happening right after I started to use lotion on my beard. A fiend of mine, advised me to use beard moisturizer to help the beard grow and clean without dandruff. I don’t know what your situation is. But, I suggest you follow my fiend’s advice like I did.

Why Lotions Are Bad for Beards

Lotions are designed for skin. Not for the beard hair or for beard growth. Its ok if your doing it for a substitute. But, you really need to get yourself the best moisturizer for beard you can afford. A cheap lotion product will only cause you problems. I know you don’t want to get dandruff on your beard. You have any idea how hard it is to get rid of? Well, if your going to use lotion on your beard, then be prepared to deal with the consequences. I hope you learned from my story.

Using Moisturizers Helps Alot

Men who have chosen to use the best moisturizer for beard are making a good choice. The beard will get shinier and look more like the actors you see on tv. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a beard like those guys. Believe me, all you need to do is buy the beard moisturizer you can afford. Watch your beard increase in length. Feel it growing in spots you never seen before when you use something specifically designed for it. Smear some on your beard each day and your good.

Looking the best and thinking you look the best is two different things. When you look the best, people around you will admit it or lie about it. When you think your the best, only you will know and think your the best. Buy some beard moisturizer today and look your true best.

You Want to Look Proper

A full unpatchy beard is the best way to look like a proper man. Some men want to walk around with a patchy beard and look like a meth addict in a alley. Not the image you want I hope. Wash beard with products that are tailored for beard growth and beard health. You will notice a fuller you. A full and I don’t have to worry about uneven beard hair you. People will walk around you and respect you for being a man. They will not see you as a child who is learning his way. But, a man who has went through the trials and learned how to be a full man. Want the proper look then go out to buy beard shampoo products to help beard.