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Why I Have Dark Circles Under Eyes?

It is typically declared that periorbital dark circles are triggered by exhaustion or working too hard or perhaps simply keeping up late. While this can be true, the reality is that your genes play a huge function here. What precisely is occurring when you get dark circles under or around your eyes? Click here to know more about dark circles.

Why I Have Dark Circles Under Eyes

What are the factors for dark circles under the eyes?

Absence of sleep

Among the first things that may be triggering these dark circles is absence of sleep. Absence of sleep can add to these circles forming around the eyes. If you have problem sleeping, attempt to exercise what may be triggering this issue and see if you can work around it If the circles are from absence of sleep you ought to discover a reduction in them after you capture up on rest.


Dehydration can also trigger these circles. If your skin is a little rough or fracture in particular locations you may find that you may be a little dehydrated. Attempt to drink more water to assist develop the water content up in your body. If this is the reason for your darkness it ought to begin to decrease after a bit.


Smoking is another aspect that can trigger this darkness around the eyes. If you are an individual that smokes continuously, and you are stressed over these circles, why not attempt to cut down on them or stop entirely. This may help in reducing the darkness with time.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are another reason for dark circle the eyes. There are various allergic reactions that add to this darkness. Food allergic reactions are among the primary perpetrators. If you find that these circles come soon after consuming then why not take a look at the food that you have taken in and see if you can remove the one that may be triggering it. If it is a food allergic reaction, then they need to lower in colour after you get rid of the food triggering it.

If you have a lot of tension in your life this can affect your sleep. The same holds true for a bad mattress. You may have a sleep condition and not know it. These may all be your problem and you are eliminated all of the time. It might even be your pillow. Research these problems and see if they can be corrected. By getting enough sleep the bags will disappear and you will feel more rested and have much better skin that includes under the eye area.

If you are one that continuously rubs their eyes it may be the reason for dark circles under them. If your eyes itch you wish to scratch them. You can not really scratch them so you rub them. To reduce the condition attempt to use creams on your eyes so they will not it.


Like many skin problem, dark circles under the eyes are frequently an acquired quality. It is really typical for relative to have comparable dark circles. The skin that is under your eyes is extremely thin. When veins are close to the surface of the skin, it can offer the look of a blue or dark color. The thinner your skin, which is also acquired, the darker the circles will appear.

Direct exposure to sunshine

The sun triggers pigmentation to be drawn to the surface of the skin. This holds true in darker or lighter skinned people. The more you are exposed to sunshine, the more natural pigmentation that is impacted. This adds to the look of dark circles. Using big sunglasses will assist.

Itchy eyes

Any condition, such as eczema, asthma or allergic reactions that triggers the eyes to itch adds to dark circles under the eyes. Extreme rubbing of the skin will trigger it to darken. Hay fever patients typically get circles under the eyes throughout hay fever season. Particular food allergic reactions can also add to darker skin under the eyes.


Other things that may add to these circles are genetic, facial structure, aging, skin type and a couple of others. If you are having difficulty with this darkness, there are hiding creams and many other things that can treat them. If you have these circles around your eyes, why not attempt to find out what is triggering them to start with. In this manner you will have the ability to treat them appropriately, which will conserve you a lot of money.