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Going to spas and beauty salons is a current trend for many women. But the products used in salons don’t assure quality? Can we make our own skincare products to ensure quality?  Yes, you can, it is entirely possible DIY essential oil recipes for skin. We will share how to make a simple relaxing body massage essential oils at home.

DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Skin

What is massage essential oil?

This is a concentrated form of natural volatile substances of aromatic plants. People consider essential oils to be the sap of the tree, bringing vitality and purest energy. They are 50 to 100 times stronger than dried herbs.

Essential oil molecules tend to change rapidly from liquid or solid-state to gas at room temperature. By quickly evaporating, this essential oil easily interacts directly with the olfactory bulb. So when you open the lid of the essential oil, you will feel a very strong scent at a certain distance.

Most essential oils are clear, but some are yellow or amber: Lemongrass essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, patchouli essential oil, etc.

Since ancient times, essential oils have been used in aromatherapies for body care, mental balance, and effective beauty. Essential oils are widely used in the production of perfumes, cosmetics, soap, and more. In addition, people also use essential oils to create aromas for food and beverages.

With the beauty of essential oils used in body massage quite a lot. Let’s find out more about the effects of essential oils on body massage.

The effect of essential oils on body massage

Massage with essential oils will affect the joints, tendons, and muscles of the body. This increases glycogen that helps muscles quickly overcome fatigue. In addition, the body massage with essential oils also promotes the process of fluid secretion in the joint. Therefore, eliminating stagnant synovial fluid and enlargement of sacs in the joints, improve blood and lymph circulation.

When massaging the body with essential oils, it directly stimulates the receptor organs on the body. This has caused our body to secrete endocrine hormones such as Histamine, Cholin, H compounds, acetylcholine. It also helps increase the activity of vasodilators. So people need neurological treatment often massage with essential oils.

The pure essential oils and the effects of massage like acupressure will work very well in skincare and improve skin pigmentation.

When massaging the body with essential oils, it will apply force to the body to create natural heat that will help burn calories. This is also a way for you to lose weight and lose fat effectively.

The raw material is often used as a massage oil and used in body massage

There are many natural ingredients we can use to make our own DIY essential oil recipes for skin:

  • To make body massage essential oilto relax and reduce stress, we should use lavender, chrysanthemum, jasmine, and lemongrass.
  • To make essential oils to help soothe and balance the body, use geranium, sage, sweet orange.
  • The essential oils to help the massage space become romantic, sexy, you should use ylang, nutmeg, and sandalwood.
  • To cleanse the skin and purify the body should make essential oils from tea tree, anise, basil.
  • To increase energy and uplifting, you should choose peppermint, rosemary, citrus, etc.
  • And to heat up the muscle, you should not ignore ginger, cinnamon, frankincense, patchouli, etc.

Besides, you can combine with other ingredients to be an effective massage oil blend. The ingredients to use are Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, olive pomace oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and more.

When should you do body massage with essential oils?

After a long day of work, studying stress and fatigue will be the best time for the body to relax. This is a great time to do a home-based essential oil massage.

In addition, you should also massage the body with essential oils when working or exercising too hard and after a long day of driving. This will restore the spirit and resistance.

Also, for effective body massage, you should do massage before bathing. Use scent essential oils to suit your preferences to bring mental relaxation.

How to make DIY essential oil recipes for skin

DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Skin

Step 1: First, you should boil all bottles and utensils with boiling water to sterilize. Wipe and dry bottles 100% before starting making essential oil.

Gloves should be worn and manipulated with a spoon, funnel, stirring rod to avoid burns by essential oils. This will also limit bacteria from hands entering the product.

Step 2: Pour 2-3 tablespoons of base oil into a thick, dark glass bottle.

Step 3: If you combine different types of essential oils, you should blend them in a small cup until you get the favorite scent. Do this before mixing them into the base oil.

Step 4: To create body massage oil containing 1% essential oil, place it into the vial of 6 drops of essential oil. If you want massage oil containing 2% essential oil, place it in a 12-drop oil vial. Use a glass rod to stir.

Step 5: Add two drops of vitamin E to help the body massage oil preserve longer. Label oil bottles with their names, ingredients, and shelf life.

Note that homemade essential oils will not last as long as essential oils are distilled by a professional process. You should note the expiry date of handmade essential oil in the next section.

The expiry date of homemade body massage essential oils

This formula produces enough body massage oil for a single massage. If you make a larger batch, put the oil in a thick, dark glass jar, cover, and store in a cool, dry, light-free place.

The shelf life of the finished product is based on the shelf life of the selected base oil but not exceeds six months. Also, note that the effectiveness of essential oils may begin to diminish after 3-4 months.

Note when using homemade body massage essential oils

  • Do not use essential oils when they are expired or deodorizing, unlike the original processing.
  • Do not use body massage oils on the face because the body massage oil will be stronger for the face.
  • Although it is refined from natural ingredients, it still causes little skin irritation, so you try the oil in a small area first.
  • If you see abnormal signs such as pimples, swelling, abnormal edema, you should see your doctor for an appropriate treatment plan.

The implementation of home body massage essential oil treatment is not difficult. You just need to spend some time to perform it to be successful. If possible, make your own body care products to ensure the safest and most suitable for us. I wish you a successful implementation.

The sun tanning can change the skin tone or the skin color which is being affected by the ultra violet rays passed from the sun. Some of the people use chemical products to remove their tanning without an exposure to the sunlight and this type of tanning is called as sunless tanning. Less exposure to the sunlight will increase the process of melanin and vitamin D in the body, but the excess exposure to the ultra violet rays cause damage to the body.

Melanin is a pigment which is produced by the cells naturally and this process is known as melanogenesis. This pigment protects the body by absorbing the ultra violet radiation from the sun and makes the skin healthier. There are main two mechanisms which are being involved in the tan by the exposure of UV rays. A person’s skin color affects the reaction to the sun in a different ways. Dark colored skin will have one type of pigmentation and the light colored skin have a different pigmentation compared to that.

Using Self Tanner While Pregnant Is Safe or Not?

Is tanning safe during pregnancy?

The UV radiation exposure during the pregnancy is mainly will break down the folic acid. Folic acid is the main body block which helps to boost up the baby inside the womb. So doing tanning may cause damage to that folic acid. Self tanning lotions are considered safe during the pregnancy period. The chemical in the self tanning products does not affect the inner layer of the skin and this won’t go directly into the womb and affect the baby.

Dihydroxyacetone is also shortly known as DHA is the main chemical which is being used in the self tanning products and this will stay only at the first layer of the skin and does not actually absorb the way that it could reach your baby. But before using the self tanning lotions during pregnancy, it is better to get consulted with the doctor whether it is safe or not to use. Pregnant woman might not be avoid all types of the radiation exposure like somehow or other they will be exposed to some amount of radiation and ultra sounds. Than to get out for a tanning process during pregnancy, it is safe self tanners for pregnancy.

Is it safe to self tan during pregnancy?

It is generally considered as safe process to do self tan during pregnancy than the other type of sun tans. But for self tanning process, you should use creams and lotions and should avoid using sprays because while spraying, you may inhale the spray through mouth or nose and that may affect the child in the womb. So avoiding the spray tans is advisable during pregnancy as it is harmful.

Generally, the DHA containing self tanners are considered as the non toxic substance which reacts only with the outermost layer of the skin and produces a brown pigment called melanoidin. Even though self tanning does not affect your baby, there is a high risk that you might have allergic reaction to your skin.  This allergic reaction causes because of the hormonal change you go through during pregnancy. So if you self tan during pregnancy, first test the cream or lotion on a small area in your body. If this does not give any allergic sense then you can go with it or you should stop using the lotion.

There are creams and lotions available for self tanning during pregnancy and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Avene hydrating self tanner for face and body
  • Self tanning, herbal radiant face cream by Dior
  • Clarin’s smooth and instant self tanner
  • Xen – Tan ultra Luxe sunless tanning cream

Avene hydrating self tanner for face and body

This lotion is a great one for the fair skinned person as its tanning effect will be slow and subtle. Three or four days of continuous application of this lotion gives you some effect of glowing skin. Also the milk which is present in this lotion gives a moisturizing and a soft look for the sensitive skin.

Using Self Tanner While Pregnant Is Safe or Not?

Self tanning, herbal radiant face cream by Dior

This texture of the gel feels good when it is being applied. It gives a natural glow and look, and it does not possess any hardness to the skin. This is considered as the best self tanning lotion because it is prescribed to the pregnant woman by the doctors mostly.

Clarin’s smooth and instant self tanner

This tanning agent is a light and silky one and has a very good moisturizing texture when compared to the other creams. For a fair skin, it is enough to mix a small amount of this lotion with the daily using cream to get a good tanned skin. This is suggested to use during pregnancy so that this lotion does not harm both the mother and the baby. A few days of continuous application of this lotion will give you a good glowing skin with the gorgeous look. This lotion is suggested to the pregnant woman as it does not have any side effects.

Xen – Tan ultra Luxe sunless tanning cream

This offers a tinted cream, which helps to spread all over the skin and protect it from the ultra violet rays which directly affect skin. This product is extremely thick in its texture when it is being compared with the other lotion and is considered as the safe self tanners for pregnancy. This lotion will be best dark skin, as it makes sure a proper tan within the hours, when it is being applied on the skin. As this is a thick lotion, the rays cannot enter the skin so fast, and it will guard the skin even when the rays are high. That is the main reason this lotion is advisable for the pregnant woman to use during their pregnancy. Choose healthful foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains that carry lots of various vitamins and minerals that are necessary during pregnancy.

Individuals struggling with folliculitis are continuously advised of their teenage years when they were experiencing acne. What is folliculitis and what can you do about it.

Folliculitis is an infection of hair roots and as an outcome it can appear on any part of the body. Typically folliculitis appears in locations when the skin gets inflammation through shaving or chafing from clothing. It can likewise appear if the pores of the skin get obstructed by dirt and natural oils. Typical locations where you can get folliculitis consist of face, scalp, underarms, legs, chest and back.

When pores get obstructed or hair roots get harmed, they end up being reproducing premises for fungis and germs. This causes an infection and the outcome is folliculitis. The signs of folliculitis differ from individual to individual.

Infected Hair Follicle Treatment Home

The most typical signs are as follows:

Red rash

Tiny pimples filled with pus

Crusted over sores after the pus has actually drained pipes out

Itching at the website of the rash and sores

How Can You Deal With Folliculitis?

A medical professional makes his medical diagnosis based upon look of the rash and the sores. A skin biopsy might be carried out to rule out other skin infections. The treatment depends upon the reason for the rash. If folliculitis is brought on by germs, you will be recommended topical antibiotic lotion. If it is triggered by fungi, you will need to utilize anti-fungal cream. Folliculitis on the scalp is treated with antibiotic hair shampoo.

The finest method to deal with folliculitis is to guarantee that you do not get it. Prevent harming the hair roots by shaving with electrical razor rather of blade razor; keeping the skin tidy; and using loose clothes that do not chafe the skin.

What’s Folliculitis

And How Can We Treat it Successfully with Best Antibiotic for Folliculitis?

The brief meaning of folliculitis is the swelling of a hair roots. It’s an extremely typical skin problem that is identified by small red bumps on the skin. They generally form on the chest, back, arms, legs, butt or cheeks and have a “chicken skin” look and feel. This condition isn’t major, however numerous discover it cosmetically uninviting which results in looking for an option to the issue.

If you have folliculitis, you should not be stressed. It normally vanishes by itself after a long time. If you have the consistent type, there are numerous treatments you can get recommended by your skin doctor. The total diagnosis is rather excellent; it’s a noncontagious, treatable and treatable condition.

The drawback of having folliculitis is that is can trigger some mental distress to those that repent of their red bumps. Some other issues can be that there is a little opportunity that the contaminated bumps might get larger triggering an uncomfortable pimple or cyst. This can sometimes need a small intervention or surgical drain. Another issue may be that the red bumps can trigger some degree of hyper or hypo coloring. Fortunately, like specified early in this short article, is that folliculitis is treatable.

How to Deal with Folliculitis?

There are lots of creams, creams and potions out there to deal with folliculitis. These are simply a couple of:

OTC Products

There are a number of items that you can purchase over the counter. A few of the very best ones are items which contain snail serum. Even better, attempt items or snail creams which contain just natural active ingredients to avoid any negative effects like inflammation (triggered by chemical active ingredients).

House Remedies

Attempt soaking the afflicted location in a tub which contains diluted vinegar (white). You can likewise attempt exfoliating the afflicted location with components discovered in your cooking area. Raw sugar or sodium bicarbonate with some drops of water will enhance the texture of your skin.


Folliculitis can likewise be treated with anti-bacterial skin washes and oral or topical prescription antibiotics. Keep in mind that no treatment is 100% reliable for every single individual. You must constantly consult your skin specialist if you wish to deal with a condition with harsher techniques to avoid any problems.

The swelling of hair roots in its easiest type looks like a little bump on part of skin which has hair roots. The treatment of which is based upon easy management, with easily offered natural home remedy. As the condition of folliculitis has no preference for age, sex or area, it is among a lot of typical skin conditions. It can appear in any part of body, other than in palm of the hand, sole of feet and mucous membrane.

Infected area

The physiological place might be large spread at one specific circumstances, as autogenous extension of folliculitis is extremely typical when individual health is not kept to excellent requirements. Even in that case the morphology of causative or infective organism might vary commonly in various areas. The typical locations observed to be impacted by folliculitis, in the order of greater frequency to least expensive are, the facial location particularly the location where one shaves, under arms or underarms, the scalp, thighs, butts and legs.

Scalp folliculitis though not the most regular location where folliculitis takes place is really typical none the less. This is because of it being the hairiest part of the body and therefore more susceptible to all type of skin infection as it sweats more and being oily, can offer a breeding place for micro-organism who grow in such beneficial environments. Hair follicles likewise get exposed after deep combing permitting intrusion of germs and consequently setting off the advancement of folliculitis. Like folliculitis in any other area of the skin, scalp swelling too begins as inflammation of surrounding skin with look of a little bump. 2 various causes provoke scalp folliculitis. These are transmittable folliculitis and non-infectious folliculitis.

The distinction in etiology will identify the procedure of treatment

Transmittable version, as the name recommends, is triggered by either several of the microorganisms present on skin of the scalp or enter the scalp from dirty environments. It can be brought on by germs, fungis, parasites or infections. Non-infectious folliculitis is seen primarily in case including oily scalp.

The most typical and frustrating part of scalp folliculitis is extreme itching which even more can exacerbate currently existing swelling by harming more hair roots.

Lots of people attempt and treat acne without any luck due to the fact that they have an absolutely various condition which looks like acne. The condition that many individuals have actually is in fact called “Folliculitis” and is where the hair roots of your skin end up being contaminated and swollen. Acne and folliculitis are completely various conditions which look the exact same. And thankfully, if you have acne that will not disappear, you might have folliculitis.

It is typically declared that periorbital dark circles are triggered by exhaustion or working too hard or perhaps simply keeping up late. While this can be true, the reality is that your genes play a huge function here. What precisely is occurring when you get dark circles under or around your eyes? Click here to know more about dark circles.

Why I Have Dark Circles Under Eyes

What are the factors for dark circles under the eyes?

Absence of sleep

Among the first things that may be triggering these dark circles is absence of sleep. Absence of sleep can add to these circles forming around the eyes. If you have problem sleeping, attempt to exercise what may be triggering this issue and see if you can work around it If the circles are from absence of sleep you ought to discover a reduction in them after you capture up on rest.


Dehydration can also trigger these circles. If your skin is a little rough or fracture in particular locations you may find that you may be a little dehydrated. Attempt to drink more water to assist develop the water content up in your body. If this is the reason for your darkness it ought to begin to decrease after a bit.


Smoking is another aspect that can trigger this darkness around the eyes. If you are an individual that smokes continuously, and you are stressed over these circles, why not attempt to cut down on them or stop entirely. This may help in reducing the darkness with time.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are another reason for dark circle the eyes. There are various allergic reactions that add to this darkness. Food allergic reactions are among the primary perpetrators. If you find that these circles come soon after consuming then why not take a look at the food that you have taken in and see if you can remove the one that may be triggering it. If it is a food allergic reaction, then they need to lower in colour after you get rid of the food triggering it.

If you have a lot of tension in your life this can affect your sleep. The same holds true for a bad mattress. You may have a sleep condition and not know it. These may all be your problem and you are eliminated all of the time. It might even be your pillow. Research these problems and see if they can be corrected. By getting enough sleep the bags will disappear and you will feel more rested and have much better skin that includes under the eye area.

If you are one that continuously rubs their eyes it may be the reason for dark circles under them. If your eyes itch you wish to scratch them. You can not really scratch them so you rub them. To reduce the condition attempt to use creams on your eyes so they will not it.


Like many skin problem, dark circles under the eyes are frequently an acquired quality. It is really typical for relative to have comparable dark circles. The skin that is under your eyes is extremely thin. When veins are close to the surface of the skin, it can offer the look of a blue or dark color. The thinner your skin, which is also acquired, the darker the circles will appear.

Direct exposure to sunshine

The sun triggers pigmentation to be drawn to the surface of the skin. This holds true in darker or lighter skinned people. The more you are exposed to sunshine, the more natural pigmentation that is impacted. This adds to the look of dark circles. Using big sunglasses will assist.Click Here

Itchy eyes

Any condition, such as eczema, asthma or allergic reactions that triggers the eyes to itch adds to dark circles under the eyes. Extreme rubbing of the skin will trigger it to darken. Hay fever patients typically get circles under the eyes throughout hay fever season. Particular food allergic reactions can also add to darker skin under the eyes.


Other things that may add to these circles are genetic, facial structure, aging, skin type and a couple of others. If you are having difficulty with this darkness, there are hiding creams and many other things that can treat them. If you have these circles around your eyes, why not attempt to find out what is triggering them to start with. In this manner you will have the ability to treat them appropriately, which will conserve you a lot of money.

I have put lotion on my beard once and it was a bad idea. I didn’t notice it at first. Then, it happened to cause me to have dandruff on my beard. I thought it was just white dust at first. Until, I looked in the mirror one day and saw white mucus get bigger. Its funny how it started happening right after I started to use lotion on my beard. A fiend of mine, advised me to use beard moisturizer to help the beard grow and clean without dandruff. I don’t know what your situation is. But, I suggest you follow my fiend’s advice like I did.

Why Lotions Are Bad for Beards

Lotions are designed for skin. Not for the beard hair or for beard growth. Its ok if your doing it for a substitute. But, you really need to get yourself the best moisturizer for beard you can afford. A cheap lotion product will only cause you problems. I know you don’t want to get dandruff on your beard. You have any idea how hard it is to get rid of? Well, if your going to use lotion on your beard, then be prepared to deal with the consequences. I hope you learned from my story.

Using Moisturizers Helps Alot

Men who have chosen to use the best moisturizer for beard are making a good choice. The beard will get shinier and look more like the actors you see on tv. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a beard like those guys. Believe me, all you need to do is buy the beard moisturizer you can afford. Watch your beard increase in length. Feel it growing in spots you never seen before when you use something specifically designed for it. Smear some on your beard each day and your good.

Looking the best and thinking you look the best is two different things. When you look the best, people around you will admit it or lie about it. When you think your the best, only you will know and think your the best. Buy some beard moisturizer today and look your true best.

You Want to Look Proper

A full unpatchy beard is the best way to look like a proper man. Some men want to walk around with a patchy beard and look like a meth addict in a alley. Not the image you want I hope. Wash beard with products that are tailored for beard growth and beard health. You will notice a fuller you. A full and I don’t have to worry about uneven beard hair you. People will walk around you and respect you for being a man. They will not see you as a child who is learning his way. But, a man who has went through the trials and learned how to be a full man. Want the proper look then go out to buy beard shampoo products to help beard.

Why we get tattoos is real mystery. Some of us do it because we want to overcome some imperfection. There was a thing we wanted to jump over. Some of us want to honor someone we love. Embrace the love that is lost or remind us its time to move on to a new chapter. The reasons to get a tattoo can be endless because people are thinking of concepts to explain the world around them. People think of so many things that are right and wrong.

Those reasons overtime have evolved into needing certain items to clean tattoos today. Luckily, the items you need to clean tattoos are simple to buy. You could buy the best soap for tattoos or coconut oil. The two will do an excellent job of cleaning and closing up tattoo flesh wounds. Here are ways coconut oil can benefit someone who needs their tattoo cleaned in the sections below.

Coconut Oil Prevents Your Tattoo From Drying Out

Coconut Oil Can Provide Your Tattoo With Alot of Benefits

As soon as you get a tattoo, there is a high chance the tattoo will dry out fast. It will try too fast at least. Your tattoo must be kept wet at all times in order to keep its young and fresh appearance. Use coconut oil to assist with this. Coconut oil keeps the tattoo skin wet and cleans out the bad blood. You can wear it every day and you will notice the healing is getting faster. Coconut oil is great for tattoos. If you still don’t like it, try using the best soap for tattoos to wash the tattoo. It provides the tattoo with the same benefits.

Coconut oil Protects Your Skin From Outside Infections

The oil has the power to help your skin gain protection. Coconut oil has caprylic, lauric, and capric chemicals inside it to assist in protecting your tattoo skin. The chemicals act as a disinfect for your body. They shield you from all the outside chemicals coming in contact with your tattoo and cleaning the wounds made from your tattoo. You will get the best protection you can get if you use coconut oil to heal your tattoo skin.

Coconut oil is also 100% organic. You will not be getting artificial ingredients. Everything being put on your damaged skin is natural. People have been suing it for years and its worked so far. You have nothing to worry about and you probably won’t get an allergic reaction from it. Unless, your allergic to coconuts.

Helps Your Skin Become More Energetic

Your skin will be more energized and equipped to work out. Lift the weights with less pain. If you found yourself losing some ability to work out after you get a new tattoo, apply some of this oil to boost it. Your not suppose to work out with new tattoo anyway, but if you really need that work out then use coconut oil on that tattoo. The oil can help the tattoo get more flexible skin and make the color be more visible. Keep washing your new tattoo with coconut oil and see the results.